Case study A:    Ecological resilience of forests towards storms

Storm-fall causes significant economic losses in Nordic forestry each year. Wind storm damages have various environmental, economic and social implications. Prevention of damages and better management of damages that cannot be prevented is therefore important.

The Ermond case study on storms will emphasize the importance of increasing the ecological resilience of forests towards storms. The aim of the case study will be a Nordic regional focus how forest management can maximize resilience and minimize vulnerability to storm felling and increase existing resilience following the wind throws. The group will review literature from both the Nordic and international sources on the subject which are applicable to the Nordic region.

Outcome of the case study will be a description of the situation in each Nordic country: 1) how severe is the problem in each country (not necessarily statistics but documented events), 2) what kind of management will influence the vulnerability of forests towards storms and restoration of forests, 3) how this is dealt with in each country.

This case study is being led by Dr. Karsten Raulund-Rasmussen.