NordBio Kick-off Meeting 2014

NordBio (Nordic Bioeconomy) – one of Iceland’s priorities during its presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers, was officially launched with a kick-off meeting in Reykjavík on February 5th 2014.

Kynning á Biophiliu

The objectives of NordBio are to reduce waste and refuse and secure sustainable use of biological resources in the Nordic countries, through various projects in fields such as research and innovation, education and by development of sustainable solutions in utilization of biological resources and by-products. The project aims to fully utilize all biological resources and make use of resources and by-products that have previously gone to waste, e.g. through product development.

Over 100 participants from all the Nordic countries attended the meeting, including government officials, representatives from Icelandic and Nordic institutions, universities and research centres. NordBio‘s five sub-projects, the educational project Biophilia, ERMOND a project on ecosystem resilience for mitigation of natural hazards, Marina – a project on emission reduction and alternative fuels in marine applications, WoodBio – a project that seeks to increase the role and usage of woodbiomass in the bioeconomy and a project on innovation, product development and sustainability in the bioeconomy, were all introduced at the meeting. The meeting also adressed the role of Nordic institutions in these projects, the future development of the bioeconomy and the importance of a bioeconomy internationally.

A recording from the kick-off conference is available here.