Work Packages

Ermond_Flow diagram 17.09.2014
Timeline of the Ermond project

The ERMOND project is divided into four major work packages:

WP-I. January 2014 – December 2016.

Establishing and running of a Nordic network of institutions dealing with:

    1. (a) protection against natural disasters and
    1. (b) ecological restoration.

WP-II. January 2014 – December 2016.
Demonstrate, through reports & policy papers, how build-up of ecosystem resilience can be:

    1. (a) used for mitigation of natural disasters in the Nordic countries and
    1. (b) integrated with Nordic policy on restoration of degraded ecosystems (Aichi targets).

WP-II will be divided into following subtasks:

WP-II-1. August 2014-March 2016. Collection of data on: (a) natural disasters and (b) state of ecosystems and ecological restoration in the Nordic countries. Data will be collected from: (i) participating institutions, (ii) linked projects/on-going work and (iii) literature.

WP-II-2. May 2015. Workshop. Use of ecological restoration for mitigation of natural disasters in the Nordic countries. Work on synthesis of data collected under WP-II-1 initiated.

WP-II-3. December 2015. Workshop: The risk of ignoring biodiversity when restoring for ecosystem services

WP-II-4. March 2016. Policy paper will be prepared on: Integrating Nordic policy on restoration of damaged ecosystems and ecosystem resilience.

WP-III. February 2015 – October 2016.

Feasibility case studies of strategic build up of ecosystem resilience against specific disasters.

WP-IV. January 2016 – December 2016.

Final report and policy paper, including recommendations to the Nordic Council of Ministers on policy and actions to increase the use of ecological restoration for mitigation of natural hazards.